It is important to Mr. Hamilton and his staff that you are fully informed of the process of your case as well as your rights as a defendant. Therefore, the initial consultation fee is free of charge. During the initial consultation Mr. Hamilton will discuss your case with you, listen to the facts, give you his honest opinion of potential outcomes, as well as give you a quote for services. The attorney fee is based solely upon the crime you are charged, the facts of your case, your request for a trial, any hearings that may be necessary, and the potential outcome. For example, a jury trial will cost more than a plea and a felony will be charged more than a misdemeanor or a city case.
You can feel confident that every individual case is important to Mr. Hamilton and he treats every client, regardless of your charge, the same. Please contact the office today for your free initial consultation. Please see Mr. Hamilton before paying another attorney. You will leave the meeting more educated and glad that you saw him.

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